Hot Beverage Two Layer Cup

This cups are perfect for serving beverages to go in your coffee shop, convenience store, or bakery. Each cup features a double wall that keeps the drink insulated without burning your customers’ hands. You don’t even need to use coffee sleeves with these cups, which will save you money in the long run. The inside of each cup is poly-coated for extra durability, so the cup won’t get soggy when you use it with steaming tea or coffee.

Poly-Coated Inner Liner
These hot cups feature a poly-coated inner liner, which keeps the cup from getting soggy when it is filled with hot liquid. This also increases the cup's durability.

Sizes Height Top diameter Bottom diameter
13 oz. 109.5mm / 4.31'' 89.54mm / 3.52'' 60.8mm / 2.4''
16 oz. 121.5mm / 4.78'' 89.54mm / 3.52'' 60.8mm / 2.4''
21 oz. 161.54mm / 6.35'' 89.54mm / 3.52'' 60.8mm / 2.4''

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